Tuesday, March 15, 2011

touch of color...

yellow paisley 1950's daydress circle skirt: reenhabit

vintage slip: littlebyrdvintage

vintage 1931 olive green security box .. depression era: thefancylamb

tea bowl with smoky white glaze: danielbellowpottery

peacock pearl necklace: postscripted

fancy chandelier in white: uncommon

colony harvest grape milk glass platter: 5gardenias

peasant wedding: veravague

trade winds keepsake bag: zibagz

ruthe umbrella: topsydesign

white linen top: larimeloom

industrial enamel shop light: amradio

prairie seed


kathiroussel said...

well i'm delighted to have my vintage shop 5gardenias included in this fabulous gathering of favorite shops-- a beautiful post-- and i love your new blog--
thanks a bunch!


Scrappy Grams said...

The different dresses are so lovely! I wish I were as slender and petite as the lovely ladies modelling them. I'm graced with an English sturdy body. :D I still enjoy seeing such pretty items. Yearn for the vintage security box.

re-enhabit said...

such a beautiful collection - you have an amazing eye! We love that photo of Lina in the paisley dress - she is in good company!

littlebyrd said...

wow! what a wonderful group of things. I love all these individually and together they are amazing :)
Thank you so much for including my slip!!

Topsy Design said...

Great eye!

Lisa said...

Well.. what an honor to be on one of my very favorite sites! Many thanks! You have such a knack for locating fabulous finds!


Prairie Seed Dry Goods said...

thanks so much to all of you... we love to share such lovelies!

TheFancyLamb said...

WOW! Really lovely picks! It's quite a compliment to be included here!

{postscripted} designs said...

Love the new blog, ladies! Thank you so much for including my necklace in yet another stunning collection.

Oh, and hi Lisa! Small world! <3

Lauren Bauer Photography said...

Oh, such wonderful finds. I'm a big fan of Postscripted and Zibagz! Congrats to all who are featured here...what a great post.