Monday, March 21, 2011

les indiennes...

such beautifully colored and patterned textiles, from les indiennes

"Les Indiennes is an environmentally conscious and socially responsible company. We make printed cotton fabric in south India according to an age-old process that is altogether friendly to the environment. And because we bring fair trade employment to the communities where the work takes place, local culture is unaffected and continues to thrive."           

and a little about the company's origins, from founder mary mulcahy:

"I launched Les Indiennes in 2002, a happy result of my own yearning for beautiful hand-blocked textiles. I had a vivid picture in mind of naturally dyed cotton, with airy patterns of big, single colored motifs. Unable to locate anything anywhere, and utterly possessed by the idea of these fresh, simple designs, I decided to go to the source and create my own.

A craftsman named Srinivas from a tiny village in southern India responded, and I knew at once that his work was what I wanted. Srinivas is one of very few craftsman who still practice the ancient art of kalamkari, an extremely complex printing method."

and be sure to visit the lovely online store

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