Wednesday, March 16, 2011

canvas home store...

how we love canvas home store, both for the beautiful designs and for the use of sustainably harvested materials and natural hand dyed and hand woven fabrics.  not to mention the beautiful photography and the fact that the products are created by artisans from around the world.

here is a little about canvas:

"Welcome to canvas, a new collection of ceramics, wooden objects, textiles, accessories and furniture for the home created by artisans and craftsmen from the US and abroad.

canvas is a journey around the globe that combines natural materials with interesting textures. Unstructured, soft shapes and subtle colours define a look that is understated yet elegant.

With a continued pursuit of products made under fair trade and green principles, we aim for a collection that represents simple, sustainable style."

you can also find an online registry here

prairie seed


Bohème Circus said...

The pure lines and the simple forms always give a beautiful result(profit) in design. I think that he simplicity is always beautiful !

Prairie Seed Dry Goods said...