Saturday, August 20, 2011

tine k home...

the timeless and cozy stylings of tine k home 

a little about the company's origins from the founder and creative director, danish designer tine kjeldsen:

While the interior decorators in those days decided mainly on pink, baby blue and an abundance of flowers (quite shabby chic), I opted for a different, more minimalistic approach: clean colors in grey, blue, white, dark brown and black which eventually lead to the creation of a collection of cushions and quilts, and consequently the foundation of the company Tine K Home.

The collection has grown ever since, and today it includes also furniture and clothes. The unique Tine K Home style is an adventurous mix of Asian, French, Scandinavian and Moroccan colors, shapes and surfaces which, despite the big cultural differences, are lifted to the higher level of a remarkably clean and simple style.
Design is my life, and the smallest every day actions at home, as well as food, shapes, colors, flowers and trips abroad are a source of inspiration to me. 

(all images via the tine k home webshop and blog)

prairie seed


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What beautiful images...