Sunday, February 27, 2011


primitive sleeve board: ethanollie

vintage dark metal shallow bowltheoldredhen

long and lacey vintage table runner or scarf: birdie1

chicken feed: susanantique

for emily dress: englishdept

vintage glass milk bottle compton dairy: sweetannevintage

milkmaid stool-salvaged and sustainably harvested american wood: grayworksdesign

set of four organic linen lupine napkins: madderroot

cast iron bird feeder: shophothouse

vintage silk quilted baby jacket and bonnet: drucillapettibone

tattle on a tattle original mixed media art: mummysam

phoebe top: annaallen

large bean pot: jasperjane

prairie seed


Bird-in-Hand, Laurie said...

Beautiful post and blog. I'm glad I found you. Thank you for including my vintage table runner amongst these beauties.

Megan said...

This is so gorgeous....wish I could have one of everything for my home! Thanks so much for including my vintage milk bottle!

Scrappy Grams said...

I love it all and want most of them. Picturing those items how they'd look in my home is far too many lovelies for my pocketbook. Very nice array!

madder root said...

Everything in this collection is so lovely! The bird feeder is really great. Thanks for including us.

Drucilla Pettibone said...

so fresh, soothing and beautiful! i really appreciate being included in such a lovely post!

andrea littlebighead said...

what an absolutely beautiful place you have here...

Mumsie said...

An absolutely lovely blog! I'm glad to have found your sweet place here! ..and am a new follower. The photos are wonderful...*sigh*.

Blessings, Musmie